Revolutionizing industrial maintenance

Forget about unscheduled maintenance stops

Our commitment

Optimize the profitability and performance of your industrial assets and the quality of life of those responsible for maintenance, having control of the data with the support of various technological tools in order to reduce your breakdowns.

Efficient parameter control

We apply statistical techniques and I.A. for early detection of faults and without false alarms.

Quick and easy installation

Immediate and intuitive installation. It does not require any wiring installation.

Autonomy and high connectivity

Electrical autonomy up to 2 years and full connectivity in industrial facilities.

iSensor v1.0

iSensor is a real-time monitoring and machine management system. Monitor the status of the machines in real time and collect all the information on a platform so you can access it whenever you want.

Complement it with a system based on artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance.

iMachine offers online monitoring solutions for your machines in order to avoid stoppages and downtime in your factory.

Our team resides in knowledge and experience in various sectors, this allows us to understand the needs of our clients and seek the best iSolutions.  

We understand that all investment must have a short-term return, which is why we propose tools that increase cost reduction and help the survival of the company.

As our objective is to retain our customers, we accompany you throughout the process: gathering needs, design, implementation and post-sale, with a top-level customer service.

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